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Acetyl Hexapeptide 3

Origin: Italy
Bio-active function. Effectively smooth skin and wrinkles. Increase the elasticity of skin and strengthen the anti-oxidizing function of cells. Suitable for aging and wrinkle skin.

Aloe Vera

Origin: Italy
Rich in Aloin. Recover wound and anti-irritating. Very good moisturizer. Suitable for all skin type.

Anti-Acne Complex

Origin: Germany
Extracted from complex anti-acne plant. Contains burdock, watercress, plantago lanceolata, thymus. Can treat acne skin. Speed up the recovery of wounds. Reduce pore size. Suitable for acne skin type.

Apple Stem Cell

Origin: Switzerland
Extracted from a rare variety apple in swiss. Regenerating skin cell, smoothing wrinkles, firming and act likes Botox injection.


Origin: Switzerland
Contains essence oil, fatty acid, bile fluid, flavonol, chlorogenic acid, carotene etc. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and helping blood circulation, anti-allergic and stimulating recovery.


Origin: Switzerland
Rich in bioflavonoid. Prevent damaged from UV. Highly anti-oxidizing. Prevent pigmentation. Effective in skin whitening, pigmentation removing. Brightening skin.

Blue Copper Polypeptide

Origin: USA
Coordinating elastin and collagen. Improve skin smoothness. Solve acne problems and eliminating wrinkles.


Origin: Japan
Contains rich of potassium nitrate and plant saponin. Best treat with dark circles. Also strong in anti-inflammation and anti-oxidizing. Suitable on eye area of all skin type.