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As we get older, the metabolism rate will slow down. This will cause skin problems. Skin will lose elasticity and dry because of lack of moisturizing. Wrinkles will then be formed. To solve this problem, we must keep our skin hydrating and improve the ability of absorbing water.

HANSA focuses on natural extracts in order to solve skin aging problems. The new deep sea snail series is the result of the combination of sea snail extracts and Alps mineral water. The complex can help regenerate every skin cells and increase the metabolism rate of the cells. It effectively improves the elasticity of skin, reduce pore size and wrinkles.

PurPhyto 100% Pure Serum

PurPhyto serums are extracted from natural plants and come from all over the world. As the matter of fact that all serums are purely extracted from plants, the beauty effect is much more comprehensive than common essences. They can be anti-aging, regenerating cells, anti-oxidizing or skin whitening etc. All of our products are natural and do not contain any additive, fragrance or preservative. They are suitable for all types of skin, indeed, for very sensitive skin. Our products are also suitable for all weathers.

LashBold Hair Regenerating Technology

LashBold is the expertise of hair regrowing technology. All products are 100% extracted from natural plants. With our technology, hair follicle was stimulated and hair growth was revitalised. This will be the best solution for hair regaining.

MedPro+ Post Laser Treatment

With 10 Years' Experience of innovating medical skincare products, a series of products for anti-irritating, skin whitening and post laser treatment care were introduced by MedPro+. All our MedPro+ products were 100% extracted from natural plants. They contain wide range of vitamins which balance our skin functions. The series of products is one of the best solution for skin cell recovery.